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Fire Damage


Fire Damage
If a fire breaks out in your immediate vicinity and you are fortunate to have your home or business not get completely gutted by fire or don’t get any fire damage at all, you will be very thankful. But you have more problems ahead of you – cleaning the property and restoring things to order. You should call the professionals who can assess your property’s condition and make sure it is safe for you to get into your house before you do so.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Touchdown can greatly help you cope with the aftermath of a harrowing fire incident experience. We are professionals who specialize in restoration work after water and fire damage situations.

Your safety is our first concern. We inspect your structures to confirm they are stabilized and safe to enter the property. We also check for soot staining of surfaces and clean them off surfaces and items where they can be removed. Where there’s water damage, we begin the restoration and mold and mildew removal processes. Electric and electronic items are checked if safe to operate. Smoke-damaged furniture undergoes restoration immediately. To clean the air, we use air scrubber and an air mover. Before we begin with the complete fire damage restoration, we remove any remaining soot and debris and remove items too damaged to restore that will get in the way of the process. Deep cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing are the last steps in the tedious restoration process.

We are available any time for the immediate assistance you need. Just call us and we’ll be with you in no time.

Our Kansas City Technicians are Fire Restoration Experts

Touchdown understands that if you experience a fire in your KC home, it can be a stressful time. Whether flames enveloped one room or your entire house, there may be fire, smoke, and soot damage, but firefighting efforts often cause water damage. Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) team is here to help you from start to finish cleaning your home and taking care of your belongings.

When you call, our team can be onsite immediately to assess damages. One of the initial things we do is complete a walk through. As well as looking at the structure, we carefully inspect the contents because often they can be saved through cleaning.

At Touchdown, we take a “restore” versus “replace” approach to fire damage. Salvageable and non-salvageable items get inventoried for your records. Then we implement several methods of cleaning:

 Dry Cleaning – Works on light soot or for precleaning.
• Wet Cleaning – Used to remove moderate to heavy residues.
• Spray / Wipe – Works well for items that cannot tolerate water.
• Foam – On upholstery, detergents and degreasers have enough time to work.
• Abrasive – Special agitation products and methods can safely clean.
• Immersion – Contents are dipped into the cleaning product.



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